Can’t change ASA enable password

I stumbled upon a strange sympthon, when i changed the enable password of one my ASA firewalls it would accept the config but when i used the newly set password i couldn’t log in. So why isn’t it changing the password?

At first it really looks weird, you just changed it and it doens’t accept the newly set password.
So i started digging in the config and found that the aaa settings where set to a TACACS server!

So i removed all the rules in the configuration with :

  • aaa accounting
  • aaa authentication
  • aaa-server

Make sure you remove them in that order!
To check if all is gone :

show run  | grep aaa

Then you need to add a new rule so you can authenticate against the local database:

aaa authentication ssh console LOCAL

Now you can set your username and enable password to make it all complete:

enable password <your password>
username <username> password <password> privilege 15

That’s it, problem solved !

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