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Server 2008R2 RDS

Eventid 1060 – Terminal Services User Home Directory was not set

Eventid 1060 (source:TerminalServices-RemoteConnectionManager) is logged in the System logs with the following error: The Terminal Services User Home Directory was not set because the path specified does not exist or not accessible. The default Home Directory Path was used instead. I checked the following: Does the user have a connected homedirectory is the RDS Session? Yes, driveletter is connected and path …

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Show Computer icon on Desktop

Windows 2008R2 gives the user a clean desktop, so the computer icon is nowhere to find and since now all users now the keyboard shortcut ( WINkey+e ) … let’s put the icon back on the desktop.

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RDS 2008R2 Basic Machine Policy

When you are deploying your RDS servers you probably (like me) want to make everything managable from a single point. So i don’t like to make a lot of changes to the local system by hand, but i prefer to set them with the use of a Group Policy. In this case a Machine Policy

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Change tray Balloon Tip display time

The balloon tip to change your password is only shown for a few seconds. Often users complain that they can’t read the balloon tip that fast. So we have to increase the display time of the balloon. Solution: Make a change to the Registry by using a GPO Open your RDS Server User Policy and expand the following folders: User …

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