vSphere health status unknown

Everybody problably seen this one before, you login on your vSphere server and when you check the configuration, health status it show the grey question mark status unknown. First you give it a refresh (no changes), then you reset sensors (still no changes) … rebooting you server ain’t an option without downtime for your virtual servers.

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vSphere 5 on HP DL380 G7 with hardware warning status

After installing the latest HP Offline bundle my server returned a hardware warning status, so the investigation started. Before upgrading the HP drivers there was no error so i had to be something in the driverpack from HP. In my setup the affected server is a HP DL380 G7 with a P410i Arraycontroller. The affected offline bundle is: hp-esxi5.0uX-bundle-1.4-16.zip Solution: …

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