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Recover failed Exchange transition to Office 365

There is a lot to do about Office 365, but the Exchange Online functionality is most certainly neat. So, one of our customers wanted to migrate asap. After some reading up, we decided that a cutover migration looks the best option. During the process it seems that it isn’t possible. The pre-reqs aren’t met. To go short: Exchange 2003 and Exchange …

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Exchange 2010 – Get Mailbox Database Mount status

Do you want to verify / check / see if you Mailbox Database is mounted or not? Just do a check with powershell! Open your Exchange Management Shell and use a combination of Get-MailboxDatabase with the -status option and you find the Mount-status (True/False) in Mounted attribute. Put that all together in one command, you probably want something like : Get-MailboxDatabase …

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Exchange 2010 – Get available free space in mailbox database

The Exchange mailbox database is always growing and when people say they cleanup you don’t see any changes in the mailbox database size (even not after the x days of the deleted item retention settings). You can see how much free space or white space there is in you mailbox database with a simple powershell command. Open your Exchange Management Shell and …

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Eventid 1060 – Terminal Services User Home Directory was not set

Eventid 1060 (source:TerminalServices-RemoteConnectionManager) is logged in the System logs with the following error: The Terminal Services User Home Directory was not set because the path specified does not exist or not accessible. The default Home Directory Path was used instead. I checked the following: Does the user have a connected homedirectory is the RDS Session? Yes, driveletter is connected and path …

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