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Remove / unpin PowerShell icon from taskbar

By default every user will get the powershell icon on his or her taskbar when logging on to the RDS server 2012. This is very annoying because users don’t want to see any icons they can’t use. Administrator do like to have those icons pinned on the taskbar.

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Show Computer icon on Desktop

Windows 2008R2 gives the user a clean desktop, so the computer icon is nowhere to find and since now all users now the keyboard shortcut ( WINkey+e ) … let’s put the icon back on the desktop.

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Exchange 2010 – Export all SMTP email addresses to file

This Powershell script is very helpful if you want to have all email addresses in the Exchange organization. Save the following script to a .ps1 file and execute from Exchange Powershell: cls write-host "`nSMTP Address export to file `n`n`n" write-host "Where do you want to store the export-file? (c:\smtpexport.csv)`n`n" $location = read-host "enter path/filename" Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Select-Object DisplayName,ServerName,PrimarySmtpAddress,@{Name=“EmailAddresses”;Expression={$_.EmailAddresses …

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RDS 2008R2 Basic Machine Policy

When you are deploying your RDS servers you probably (like me) want to make everything managable from a single point. So i don’t like to make a lot of changes to the local system by hand, but i prefer to set them with the use of a Group Policy. In this case a Machine Policy

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Change tray Balloon Tip display time

The balloon tip to change your password is only shown for a few seconds. Often users complain that they can’t read the balloon tip that fast. So we have to increase the display time of the balloon. Solution: Make a change to the Registry by using a GPO Open your RDS Server User Policy and expand the following folders: User …

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Force Classic Control Panel

Most often you want to restrict access to control panel items, but you probably want to see some icons (for example Regional Settings, Mouse and Mail). By default Server 2008R2 only shows the categories and not the individual icons. Let’s make it the classic look, so we see our icons right away. Solution: Make a change to the Registry by using a GPO …

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