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Reset HP ILO interface (SSH)

When updating settings on the HP ILO interface on a server i was notified that i should the settings would take place when the ILO interface was reset, but how do you reset it? The notification message was ” There are pending changes that may not take effect until ILO is reset. ” Solution Reset the interface through SSH. Use …

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Howto open your Internet Explorer window maximized

A little howto blogpost: Open your Internet Explorer window maximized Windows can remember how you closed your Internet Explorer window, but what if you want to open Internet Explorer maximized everytime you use it? Simple! Create a new shortcut to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe Name it Internet Explorer and save it. Now go to the properties of you newly created shortcut …

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Exchange 2010 and Microsoft Entourage 2008, make it work!

When you’re upgrading to Exchange 2010 you shouldn’t forget to check the mac users. Some of them are using Apple mail, Microsoft Entourage 2008 or Microsoft Outlook 2011. But when it comes to Entourage you have some requirements you need to meet before Exchange 2010 is implemented! Go to http://www.microsoft.com/mac/downloads Check to see what the latest updates are for Office 2008 and …

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Exchange 2010 – Mailbox Move Request Error property expression isn’t valid

Performing the actual migration is often a moment to cross your fingers … and of course you will receive some errors when you start moving the first mailboxes. Error: Property Expression isn’t valid Luckely, this one can pretty easy be fixed. Solution: Follow the following steps: Start the Exchange Management Console Go to Recipient Configuration, Mailbox and find the affected …

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