vCenter Server Appliance – Holds on boot after certificate regeneration

After the certificate regeneration the vCSA has to reboot, but then i waited for ten minutes but still no vCenter. So i watched at the console and found my server hanging after “Waiting for the embedded database to start up: [OK]

The screen looks like this:



When the appliance starts, the GRUB boot loader shows briefly.

  • When it appears, hit the up or down arrow to stop the boot countdown timer.
  • Following the instructions at the bottom of the screen, hit “p” to enter the unlock password (which is the root password).
    This will allow you to change the boot-time string.
  • Highlight “VMWare vCenter Server Appliance” and press “e” to edit the boot settings.
  • Highlight the “Kernel…” line and press “e” to edit the boot string.
  • Append a “1” to the end so that it looks like this: …showopts 1
  • Press enter, and then “b” to boot.

This will cause the appliance to boot in init level 1 (or single-user maintenance mode).  From here, the root password will get you into the console where you can delete the file  /etc/vmware-vpx/ssl/allow_regeneration
After that reboot the server with shutdown -r now.

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