INE CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class New Videos

An additional 7 hours of videos have been added to the CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class.

  • Zone Based Policy Firewall Overview – 0h 26m
  • Zone Based Policy Firewall Configuration – 0h 44m
  • ZBPF Self Zone & ZBPF Exceptions – 0h 48m
  • Port to Application Mapping (PAM) – 0h 32m
  • ZBPF Parameter Tuning – 0h 32m
  • ZBPF Application Inspection – 0h 27m
  • IOS Transparent Firewall – 0h 28m
  • IPsec Overview – 0h 37m
  • IOS IPsec LAN-to-LAN Configuration – 0h 58m
  • IPsec Troubleshooting – 0h 42m
  • GRE over IPsec, IPsec Profiles, & VTIs – 0h 51m


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