Server 2008R2 with SCCM 2007 SP2 step by step guides

The latest technology combined gives you Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 with Service Pack 2. But now the challenge … allthough they are both Microsoft products this doesn’t mean it’s easy to install … so Hugo at made a step by step guide with really everything to get you up and running in your environment!

The step by step is devided in 7 parts:

  • Part1 – Getting all the prerequisites right
    – The Simple setup
    – Roles, Features and configuration
    – Other prerequisites
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  • Part2 – Install SCCM 2007 SP2
    – Extend the Active Directory Schema
    – Add the computer account to the System Container
    – Install SCCM
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  • Part3 – Basic configuration
    – Basic configuration, find clients on the network
    – Push the sccm client to clients and servers
    – Create some reports
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  • Part4 – Collections
    – A look at Collections
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  • Part5 – Distribute software
    – Enable functionality
    – Add a package to the inventory
    – Add a program to the package
    – Distribute the package to a distribution point
    – Assign the package to clients
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  • Part6 – SCCM and Software Updates (WSUS)
    – Enable the Software Updates part in SCCM
    – Start initial synchronization
    – Configure the Software Updates Client
    – Create templates
    – Create a search folder and an update list
    – Deploy the Update list to the template
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  • Part7 – Deploy operating systems (Windows 7 SP1)
    – Build a reference system
    – Create capture media
    – Capture the image
    – Capture the image
    – Prepare the PXE server
    – Create the Configmgr package
    – Specify network access
    – Create a collection
    – Add the computer (mac address) to the collection
    – Create a Task Sequence
    – Modify the task sequence
    – Assign (advertise) the task sequence to new computers
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