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Snack video: Microsoft Virtualization

Allthough i mostly work with VMware environments i stumbled on this free snack video of Microsoft. It’s for free, so why not !? 🙂 The Microsoft Virtualization solution consists of four virtualization technologies: server, application, presentation, and desktop. Together, these technologies provide you with a complete desktop-to-datacenter virtualization solution that can help you create a dynamic IT infrastructure.

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Managing VMware Infrastructure with Windows PowerShell TFM

VMware is the king when it comes to virtualization. Windows PowerShell has received huge accolades as an extremely powerful tool for automation of IT tasks. These two technologies make a lot of sense together, and VMware is now making that happen with the release of their VI Toolkit for Windows.

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Gratis Vmware ESXi training

Gratis VMware administration training. Deze 2 uur durende training bestaat uit korte modules en demos over de VMware ESXi server in een ‘ Single Server Environment ‘ Tevens zijn er interactieve simulaties om het geleerde in de praktijk te brengen.

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Mastering VMware Infrastructure 3

Cut hardware costs, expand your capacity, and manage an entire fleet of virtual machines in your enterprise with the leading virtualization solution, VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3), by applying the step-by-step instructions in Mastering VMware(r) Infrastructure 3 . Packed with the technical details, best practices, and how-tos you need to install, configure, and run a virtual infrastructure at maximum efficiency, this …

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VMware ESX Server in the Enterprise: Planning and Securing Virtualization Servers

The Most Complete, Practical, Solutions-Focused Guide to Running ESX Server 3   VMware ESX Server in the Enterprise is the definitive, real-world guide to planning, deploying, and managing today’s leading virtual infrastructure platform in mission-critical environments.   Drawing on his extensive experience consulting on large-scale ESX Server implementations, Edward L. Haletky brings together an unprecedented collection of tips, best practices, …

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VMware Infrastructure 3: Advanced Technical Design Guide and Advanced Operations Guide

Detailing both the design environments and operational processes of VMware Infrastructure 3, and written from the practical experience of proven VMware engineers, this book provides IT consultants and system engineers with the insight needed to tackle tough issues in server virtualization such as virtual machine technologies, storage infrastructure, and designing clustered environments. An administrator’s guide highlights how to implement the …

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