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No sound in ESX / ESXi through RDP

Working on vmware is great, but it gets even better when you have some sounds. A straight out the box install gives you a error on the sound card. The audio Service is not running No audio Devices are installed It took me some to figure out this problem, but at the end … it was really simple. Let’s make …

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VMware converter: remove hidden Ghost networkcard (nic)

If you convert a physical machine to a virtual machine you’ll probably give it the same ip as it used to have. But when you try to modify the ip address in the TCP/IP settings of your vmware nic you’ll get the error that there is an existing NIC with the same IP address settings. This is where your search …

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Welcome to EMware Eddy and Martin will try so share information about our Journey in the Great world of VMware. We will try to make some usefull articles for you out there !   Cheers !!

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