Trainsignal Cisco CCNA Wireless Training

In the CCNA Wireless Training, Joe Rinehart teaches you everything you need to know to pass the 640-721 CCNA Wireless exam, including wireless LAN fundamentals, AP configuration, security considerations, wireless LAN design, WLAN troubleshooting, and more!

Wireless technology is becoming increasingly more important to the success of businesses from small and medium size companies to the large enterprise. As a CCNA professional, you can greatly enhance your career with a specialization track in CCNA Wireless. In our new course by CCIE Joe Reinhart, you’ll learn valuable on-the-job skills, in addition to gaining the knowledge to pass the CCNA wireless exam. Here are some of the topics covered in the course:

  • Wireless Security Considerations
  • Wireless LAN Design Principles
  • Cisco Wireless Architecture
  • WLAN Troubleshooting
  • Exam Prep – Preparing for your CCNA Wireless 640-721 Exam

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Course Outline

  • Lesson 01 – Getting Started with Cisco CCNA Wireless Training
  • Lesson 02 – Wireless Foundations/RF Theory
  • Lesson 03 – Wireless LAN Fundamentals
  • Lesson 04 – CCNA Wireless Lab Project
  • Lesson 05 – Cisco Unified Wireless Product Overview
  • Lesson 06 – Cisco Unified Wireless Architecture
  • Lesson 07 – Configuration and Operation of Autonomous Access Points
  • Lesson 08 – Wireless Security Considerations
  • Lesson 09 – Wireless Clients Available for Cisco Wireless Networks
  • Lesson 10 – Configuring Controller-Based Cisco Wireless Networks
  • Lesson 11 – Cisco Wireless Control System Configuration and Operation
  • Lesson 12 – Wireless LAN Basic Design Principles
  • Lesson 13 – Wireless LAN Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Lesson 14 – Preparing for Your CCNA Wireless 640-721 Exam
  • Lesson 15 – Next Steps

Joe Reinhart – CCIE #14256, CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, CCVP, MBA

CCNA Wireless, similar to the CCNA Voice course that I did, assumes a good, solid foundation. Because if the network isn’t stable and operational, working the way it needs to, then introducing wireless onto it is going to be more difficult.

Wireless is unique because it’s radio waves, and so there’s all kinds of things that in wired networks, you don’t take into account or think about. The walls, the construction, where the access points are placed, it’s really significant. What other things might interfere with the signals? What is best practice from a security standpoint?

When wireless first came out, there were huge security holes. How security is implemented is particularly important in financial institutions, federal institutions, healthcare in particular, and so you have to make sure that those are done really well. Really having a good understanding about how all the protocols fit together, how security is a part of that, and then also how to make the user experience as seamless as possible.

Over 8 Hours (8 Hours, 23 Minutes, 54 Seconds) of Cisco CCNA Wireless Training Videos Jam Packed on 2 DVDs


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