Trainsignal VMware vCloud Director Essentials

This course teaches cloud computing basics and shows how to use VMware vCloud Director to create a hybrid cloud that can deploy IT resources on-demand. Learn VMware vCD and evolve your datacenter into a model that saves time & money while providing flexibility to users and your business.

Cloud Computing is the hottest topic in technology today but most people (including many in IT) have no idea really what it is and how it works. What are the different types of cloud computing, what makes up a cloud, and why do you (and your users) want to implement one? You’ll find out the answers to these questions in this course (and that’s just in the first couple of lessons).

Demo Video : What is Cloud Computing: vCloud Director

Once you are “cloud savvy”, we’ll jump into the #1 infrastructure cloud platform in use today – VMware vCloud Director. You’ll find out what makes up vCloud Director and how it builds on top of vSphere. In the end, you’ll learn “cloud-speak” by understanding terms like providers, organizations, virtual data centers, vApps, and numerous types of virtual networks.

Once you have a solid understanding of vCloud Director you’ll install it using the new virtual appliance, as well as from scratch, on top of Linux with an external SQL database. We’ll connect vCD to vCenter & vShield; create our provider virtual data center, organizations, and Org vDCs.

Finally, run multi-tiered apps in your cloud by creating vApps and storing them in your cloud catalog.

  • Lesson 1 – Introduction to VMware vCloud Director Essentials
  • Lesson 2 – Real World Cloud Computing By Jake Robinson
  • Lesson 3 – Cloud Computing 101
  • Lesson 4 – VMware vCloud Offerings
  • Lesson 5 – vCloud Director 101
  • Lesson 6 – Building a vCloud Director Lab
  • Lesson 7 – Installing vCloud Director
  • Lesson 8 – vCloud Director Setup
  • Lesson 9 – Managing vCloud Director Resources
  • Lesson 10 – Understanding vCloud Director Catalogs
  • Lesson 11 – Monitoring vCloud Director
  • Lesson 12 – vCloud Architecture Toolkit (vCAT)
  • Lesson 13 – vCloud Director Client for iPad
  • Lesson 14 – Next Steps in vCloud Director

In 5 hours, you’ll learn:

  • Cloud Computing and vCloud Director 101
  • How to Build Your vCloud Director Lab
  • Managing vCloud Director Resources and How vCD Works with vSphere
  • How to Create Catalogs and vApps
  • Plus – learn about vCloud Director in the real-world from vExpert Jake Robinson of vCloud Datacenter provider, Bluelock

At the end of this course, you will have all the knowledge you need to build a vCloud Director test / training lab or a proof of concept for your company. Get on your way to becoming a vCloud Expert!

Over 5 Hours (5 Hours, 17 Minutes, 0 Seconds) of VMware vCloud Director Essentials Videos Jam Packed on 2 DVDs!


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