Change domain admin password (without AD restore mode)

Hugo aka “The Dutch Handyman” wrote a nice article about ‘ How to change Domain Admin Password ‘ , so i thought why not share it with you all. Sometimes it can be a really complex if the IT provider doesn’t want to give out the administrator password, but you as the new IT provider needs it badly. First of …

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Upgrade vSphere ESXi 4.0 to 4.1 with vCLI

This article will show you the steps needed to upgrade your vSphere ESXi 4.0 server to the current latest version 4.1. Software downloads needed to complete this task: VMware vSphere CLI ( vSphere CLI 4.1 ) VMware vSphere upgrade patch ( upgrade ZIP from ESXi 4.0 ) or ( upgrade ZIP from ESXi 3.5 ) After you downloaded the vSphere …

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VMware converter: remove hidden Ghost networkcard (nic)

If you convert a physical machine to a virtual machine you’ll probably give it the same ip as it used to have. But when you try to modify the ip address in the TCP/IP settings of your vmware nic you’ll get the error that there is an existing NIC with the same IP address settings. This is where your search …

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