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Upgrade vSphere ESXi 4.0 to 4.1 with vCLI

This article will show you the steps needed to upgrade your vSphere ESXi 4.0 server to the current latest version 4.1.

Software downloads needed to complete this task:

After you downloaded the vSphere CLI, execute the setup and install the program.

First you’ll have to login to your vSphere server with the vSphere client and stop or suspend your active servers and enter in Maintenance Mode.
Your server is ready to be updated now.

Start the vSphere CLi from the start menu.
You will be in the default path: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI>

Type the following two commands:

vihostupdate.pl –-server [hostip] -i -b [path to update\update-file.zip] -B ESXi410-GA-esxupdate

vihostupdate.pl –-server [hostip] -i -b [path to update\update-file.zip] -B ESXi410-GA

[hostip] = IP of your vSphere server
[path to update\update-file.zip] = the downloaded upgrade zipfile

After the upgrade you can check for the installed updates using the command

vihostupdate.pl –-server [hostip] –-query

After a successfull upgrade you will need to reboot the server and leave the Maintenance Mode.

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