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vSphere health status unknown

Everybody problably seen this one before, you login on your vSphere server and when you check the configuration, health status it show the grey question mark status unknown. First you give it a refresh (no changes), then you reset sensors (still no changes) … rebooting you server ain’t an option without downtime for your virtual servers.

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vSphere 5 – Install HP management drivers / agents

The default download of vSphere hasn’t got vendor specific management drivers included and without these drivers you won’t be able to check the health of your Array-Controller or discs. What if a problem occurs? Well you can install the HP management drivers by installing the offline bundle.

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Free VM Backup Expert training videos

The Backup Academy is an educational project designed to provide the necessary knowledge you need to become a VM Backup Expert. You can: Watch videos to expand your backup knowledge and skills Pass the Backup Academy Exam Receive the Backup Academy Certificate The following video’s are available at this moment: Why virtual machine backups are different – David Davis (vExpert, …

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Install vSphere 4.1 to USB or Flashcard

Nowadays more servers have a interal USB port or a Flashcard slot on the motherboard, which is really handy when using VMware vSphere, that’s why i want to show you how to install your vSphere to a USB drive or Flashcard. In my installation i use a HP 4 GB SD Flash Media. (580387-B21) and VMware Workstation, but this is …

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