vSphere 5 – Install HP management drivers / agents

The default download of vSphere hasn’t got vendor specific management drivers included and without these drivers you won’t be able to check the health of your Array-Controller or discs. What if a problem occurs?

Well you can install the HP management drivers by installing the offline bundle.

In my case i’m using a HP DL380G7 server.

 cd /vmfs/volumes/datastore01
  • Copy / Paste the path to notepad
  • edit the following commandline with your <ip>, <username> , <pwd>, <datastore path>
esxcli -s <ip> -u <username> -p <pwd> software vib install -d <datastore>/hp-esxi5.0uX-bundle-1.1-37.zip
  • Start the VMware vSphere CLI and execute the above created commandline
  • After a little while the output will give you something like this:

  • Reboot your vSphere server
  • After the reboot log on to your server and go to the Configuration tab
  • Check your server health

Your Storage should appear and look something like the above.



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  1. Peter Van Engelandt

    On my ESXi 5 ssh to host only folowing worked

    -s -u -p options did not work

    esxcli software vib install -d /vmfs/volumes/4e1df885-a6c6cf5b-50d4-441ea1545f1c/HPOB/hp-esxi5.0uX-bundle-1.1.2-4.zip

    anyway thank you for your post

  2. Peter, did you provide the correct ip , username, password?
    For example: esxcli -s -u root -p mypass ……………

  3. Same here on free esxi you cannot use the parameters, after reboot I have no health status at all though trying to figure out what is going wrong. (Running ESXi 5 U1)

  4. nevermind took a while to populate status thx for the article !

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