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Howto open your Internet Explorer window maximized

A little howto blogpost: Open your Internet Explorer window maximized Windows can remember how you closed your Internet Explorer window, but what if you want to open Internet Explorer maximized everytime you use it? Simple! Create a new shortcut to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe Name it Internet Explorer and save it. Now go to the properties of you newly created shortcut …

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vSphere 5 – Install HP management drivers / agents

The default download of vSphere hasn’t got vendor specific management drivers included and without these drivers you won’t be able to check the health of your Array-Controller or discs. What if a problem occurs? Well you can install the HP management drivers by installing the offline bundle.

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Install vSphere 4.1 to USB or Flashcard

Nowadays more servers have a interal USB port or a Flashcard slot on the motherboard, which is really handy when using VMware vSphere, that’s why i want to show you how to install your vSphere to a USB drive or Flashcard. In my installation i use a HP 4 GB SD Flash Media. (580387-B21) and VMware Workstation, but this is …

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Change MailMarshal HELO name

MailMarshal uses de server.domain.com for it’s Helo name. You will probably name your server after it’s role, so this can be for expample mailmarshal01.domain.local. But is most cases you use an other external mx record name. therefor you can change this setting from within MailMarshal. This is a MailMarshal Node-specific setting, and it may be necessary to configure each node as desired. …

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