Create a Bootable vSphere 5 USB installation media

In the modern server world we don’t always have a cd/dvd drive in the server, but we always have USB.
But how do we get the downloaded vSphere 5 .iso file onto a USB media and make it bootable?

Required hardware

An USB Media with a FAT32 Partition

Required downloads:

[ download here ] – UNetbootin
[ download here ] – VMware vSphere 5 iso

Optional download:

[ download here ] – HDD Low Level Format Tool


Start the UNetbootin tool:

  1. Select Diskimage
  2. Browse to your downloaded vSphere 5 iso
  3. Select the USB drive
  4. Select the Fat32 partition driveletter
  5. Click OK

In less than a minute you will have a bootable usb media with the vSphere 5 installation files on it!
Be sure to make the correct settings in the server Bios boot options!

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