HP ML110 G5 Server

Looking for a home-server to get some hands on experience with ESXi ?
HP has a pretty neat server wich is fully supported by VMware.

The HP ML110 G5 is a Dual-Core intel machine.

Out of the box it comes with 1 Gb of Ram, so that’s something you want to upgrade to at least 4 GB or probably fill this baby up to 8 GB.
The standard harddrive is 250 Gb, should be enough for testing, but of course can be swapped for a 1 TB drive.

HP ML110 G5 – hardware specs

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  1. According to http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vi35_systems_guide.pdf this system is not compatible with ESX3.5i

    Another search took me to a site where a guy solved his problem to get the g5 working.
    step by step and with pictures 🙂

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