Remove Server manager and Powershell icons from taskbar

By default every user will get two pinned icons on his or her taskbar when logging on to the RDS server. This is very annoying because users don’t want to see any icons they can’t use. Administrator do like to have those icons pinned on the taskbar.

Make a change to the File System by using a GPO

Open your RDS Server Machine Policy and expand the following folders:

Computer Configuration, Policies, Windows Settings, Security Settings, File System

Right click and choose Add File
Browse to one of the following files:

  • %AllUsersProfile%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Windows PowerShell\Windows PowerShell.lnk
  • %AllUsersProfile%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools\Server Manager.lnk

Click on OK to continue
In the security screen for one of the files you’ll have to remove the Creator Owner and Users Group , which will leave the System and Administrator group left.
Click on OK

Leave default settings and click OK

And you’re all set !

More tips and tricks can be found on my Remote Desktop services 2008R2 page.

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  1. Thanks;
    On server 2012 how do we hide the powershell icon, we were able to hide the Server Manager.

  2. best solution to hide the server manager icon , by far !

    thank you !!

  3. This is not working for SERVER 2012 and SERVER 2012 R2

  4. Frank, check out my 2012 tips:
    This will be very helpfull

  5. Thank you tried it but it still not working.
    PowerShell still in the task bar

  6. All has been tested carefully, so you might want to test it with a clean profile.

  7. Thanks for the info but this doesn’t remove the icon, just disables security in a way where the icon stays and needs to be clicked on and removed by the user.

  8. Try it with a clean profile, that works.

  9. Ahhh for new profiles….
    Most users are existing RDS users that migrate from 2003 / 2008.
    Has anyone found a way to remove those Icons?

  10. Doesn’t work even on a brand new profile.

  11. Will– Same for me, not working on 2012 R2 for new or existing profiles.

  12. you need to set the usergroups premissions on Delete that does the job.

  13. I can confirm that this works on Server 2012 R2 with a new profile. on a newly created user and profile it doesn’t bring across the Server Manager and Powershell taskbar links. Good work.

  14. %AllUsersProfile%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Windows PowerShell\

    Does not exist on Server 2012 R2 That’s probably why its not working


  15. This is incorrect:
    %AllUsersProfile%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Windows PowerShell.lnk

    In 2012 R2, it’s under System Tools
    %AllUsersProfile%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\System Tools\Windows PowerShell.lnk

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