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Cisco logging shows uptime instead of timestamp

On some cisco devices when you are connected to the console or view the logfile (show logging) you get an output with the uptime of your device. For example: 1y35w: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface GigabitEthernet2/0/4, changed state to up This switch has been up for 1 year and 35 weeks. Your config propably set like: service timestamps debug uptime service timestamps log …

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Find your devices on a Cisco switched network

A quick note about finding your devices wich are connected to one of your cisco switches. I always start on the main switch (core) to find the device. Commands used: ping show arp show cdp-neighbours show cdp-neighbours detail show mac address-table Solution: First we have to ping the device to get an arp entry. #ping Type escape sequence to …

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Cisco Asa AnyConnect essentials max 2 sessions

The Cisco Asa can be loaded with an AnyConnect Essentials bundle to handle to maximum number of sessions supported by your ASA appliance. But even though you have applied the Any Connect Essential bundel you still find the device limited by two sessions.

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Cisco Foundation Express – Reading list

As promised i will make a reading list for the Cisco foundation exams. In the next few days of january i will update this post with all sort of links to reading which can/will help you understand the objectives to get passed for either 642-374 or 642-384. First of all you can find all the education you will need to pass either of these …

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