Update Cisco ASA Software .bin with TFTP over VPN tunnel

When you want to update a Cisco Asa in the field which is connected by VPN, you probably want to get the image from you internal TFTP server. But in order to make this work you will need to specify the source interface name you want to use or else it won’t work.

Information needed:

IP address TFTP server:
Name of source interface: inside
Name / path of your bin file: asa824-k8.bin

Putting that all together

 copy tftp://;int=inside disk0:/asa824-k8.bin

When you execute the command you will get the same little wizard as you would get when you type copy tftp flash, so just verify the information and press enter three times. After that you will see that the ASA uses the inside interface.

Accessing tftp://;int=inside

Simply do the same for the asdm image!

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