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Exchange 2010 – Get Mailbox Database Mount status

Do you want to verify / check / see if you Mailbox Database is mounted or not? Just do a check with powershell! Open your Exchange Management Shell and use a combination of Get-MailboxDatabase with the -status option and you find the Mount-status (True/False) in Mounted attribute. Put that all together in one command, you probably want something like : Get-MailboxDatabase …

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Exchange 2010 – Get available free space in mailbox database

The Exchange mailbox database is always growing and when people say they cleanup you don’t see any changes in the mailbox database size (even not after the x days of the deleted item retention settings). You can see how much free space or white space there is in you mailbox database with a simple powershell command. Open your Exchange Management Shell and …

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Exchange 2010 – Export all SMTP email addresses to file

This Powershell script is very helpful if you want to have all email addresses in the Exchange organization. Save the following script to a .ps1 file and execute from Exchange Powershell: cls write-host "`nSMTP Address export to file `n`n`n" write-host "Where do you want to store the export-file? (c:\smtpexport.csv)`n`n" $location = read-host "enter path/filename" Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Select-Object DisplayName,ServerName,PrimarySmtpAddress,@{Name=“EmailAddresses”;Expression={$_.EmailAddresses …

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How to Add/Remove the GUI in Windows Server 2012

With Windows Server 2012 you have the ability to add and remove Graphical User Interface of your installation. You can configure the basics with Server manager and afterwards remove the gui so the server is core only! There are three layers to be added from core to full GUI: Graphical Management Tools and Infrastructure Server Graphical Shell Desktop Experience So …

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Exchange Server 2010 export all mailboxes with powershell

This is a follow up post to my existing post about exporting mailboxes to pst with powershell. As requested i modified the script a bit to export all mailboxes to pst files with a single script. Just fill in the variables need wich are in the first lines of the script. $mailserver = "<servername>" $path = "\\<servername>" $userlist = get-mailboxdatabase …

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Export mailboxes to .pst with Exchange Server 2010

With Exchange Server 2010 the option to use exmerge is history. Too bad because it was such a usefull tool to really quick make an export of an users mailbox. But no fear with SP1 and SP2 you can do this from the powershell command line, you’ll have to set some requirements but you’ll be exporting mailboxes before you know …

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