Trainsignal Windows Server 2008 PowerShell Training

Windows Server 2008 PowerShell training, taught by PowerShell MVP and acclaimed author Jeffrey Hicks, is an extremely practical and comprehensive guide to using PowerShell to perform powerful tasks that make your job easier.

You’ll learn skills like PowerShell remoting, management essentials, and making the most common server tasks more efficient.
If you’re ready to really learn how PowerShell can make your job as an Admin easier, this course is for you.

If you manage more than a few Windows servers, I’m sure you have a number of procedures and practices that you carry out, perhaps even on a daily basis. If you are still struggling with GUI-based tools, you are working way too hard. The key to effective and efficient server administration today has to include some form of automation. In the Windows world, automation is freely available with Windows PowerShell.

However, before you panic about learning another scripting language…stop. You can accomplish a great deal in PowerShell without ever having to write or use a script, although eventually you will want to add scripting to your admin arsenal so that you can be even deadlier in the datacenter. In the meantime, I developed my course, Windows Server 2008 PowerShell Training, especially for you. I based this course on the premise that you want to perform daily and common administrative tasks using Windows PowerShell. The course is organized by tasks such as:

  • Managing services
  • Managing event logs
  • Managing files and printers
  • Managing the registry

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Course Outline:

  • Lesson 1 – Getting Started with Windows Server 2008 PowerShell Training
  • Lesson 2 – Setup and Prerequisites
  • Lesson 3 – Ten Tasks
  • Lesson 4 – Management Essentials
  • Lesson 5 – Managing Event Logs
  • Lesson 6 – Managing Services
  • Lesson 7 – Managing Processes
  • Lesson 8 – Managing the File System
  • Lesson 9 – Managing File and Share Permissions
  • Lesson 10 – Managing Print Services
  • Lesson 11 – Managing the Registry
  • Lesson 12 – Performance Measuring and Monitoring
  • Lesson 13 – Next Steps

Each lesson includes a brief lecture, covering key concepts and terms. The rest of the lesson is devoted to hands-on, real-world and practical application. Do you want to see how to get the most recent errors from the system event log from a group of computers using a single PowerShell command? I will show you. As a bonus, all of my demonstration examples and scripts are included on the DVD so you can follow along or use them as a jumping-off point for your own PowerShell development. My goal is to give you the training and tools so you can start using PowerShell to manage your servers today!

Nearly 12 Hours (11 Hours, 34 Minutes, 46 Seconds) of Windows Server 2008 PowerShell Training Videos Jam Packed on 3 DVDs!


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