VMware tools on Windows Server 2012 Core

The Windows Server 2012 Core gives you just a basic command prompt window, so where do you click to install the VMware tools? You don’t!

Just click on the Install/Upgrade VMware Tools option in your menu and type the following command :

D:\setup64.exe /S /v"/qn REBOOT=R"


In my lab, the server did not automaticlly reboot, but i really think that it’s better to do it anyway.

shutdown -r -t 1

After the reboot you can check the VMtools service from powershell.

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  1. I believe your command should be “REBOOT=Y” instead of “REBOOT=R”

  2. You also need to trust the command by prefixing setup64.exe with .\

  3. Thanks, Martin! Your instructions saved me a LOT of time!

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