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VMware tools on Windows Server 2012 Core

The Windows Server 2012 Core gives you just a basic command prompt window, so where do you click to install the VMware tools? You don’t! Just click on the Install/Upgrade VMware Tools option in your menu and type the following command : D:\setup64.exe /S /v"/qn REBOOT=R" In my lab, the server did not automaticlly reboot, but i really think that …

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Remove VMware tools from taskbar

When running the RDS server on VMware you will find the VMware tools icon in the system tray. But users really don’t need / want to the icon, so let’s make it dissapear. Solution: Make a change to the Registry by using a GPO Open your RDS Server Machine Policy and expand the following folders: Computer Configuration, Preferences, Registry Right …

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Configure your time / NTP server on ESXi

The correct time is essential to your ESXi server, you will need it for a variety of reasons (syslog, iscsi authentication and Security) and your Virtual Clients. A NTP server is the right service for job. It’s allready builtin, you just need to enable it.

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